A community initiative in understanding and destigmatizing mental health in children, youth, and families.

Using therapeutic activity, self-reflection, and developmental theory, we aim to make mental health and resilience mentionable and manageable for everyone.


How it Works

Choose from 5 module topics. Each module is a 3-hour presentation, mixed with teaching, activity, and conversation. It will be tailored to your group (school, business, church, non-profit).

If you need a venue we can also provide this along with a meal for your group.

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Theory-Based Approach

Each topic, regardless of age or group, is written and delivered by our passionate and well-versed presenters through the lens and understanding of cognitive, social, and psychosocial development.

These theories, in practice, create the foundation for communication, learning, and emotional safety that is imperative to the fostering of a healthy self and community.

Therapeutic activity is the basis of our approach. This allows the participants to not only understand the concept but experience it in real-time.

Each group receives an individually catered experience based on module choice and group paradigm. Our presenters take time to understand and know each group/ individual to create a unique and personal program.

Social Justice

Social Justice

Social Justice ideas and constructs are increasingly present in society. The idea of this module is to not tell one what or how to think. But simply open up conversation…

Self-Reflection & Personal Identity

Self-Reflection & Personal Identity

Our cognitive development is often challenged by our ability to understand the world around us. Certain techniques formed in early adolescence create the pattern our learning follows throughout the duration…



Often referred to as resilience factors, this module will encourage the self-reflection and group experience necessary to uncover one’s inherent strengths. Resilience is our ability to deal with adversity, trauma,…

Faith & Spirituality

Faith & Spirituality

This module speaks on a more personal level. As a Christian organization, our faith is central to what we do.  We will speak about the idea of faith and spirituality…

Communication & Socialization

Communication & Socialization

Therapeutic activity provides the structure for this module. Creative thinking and problem-solving are at the center of the learning experience.  Great for all ages and customizable for all learning styles,…



Cassidy Barg is the head facilitator of the Step-In Initiative. Cassidy has a unique and inherent ability to connect with others. This characteristic consistently encourages every participant to recognize their innate resilience factors.



Bradon Pihowich, writer and Step-In Director is a registered Child and Youth Counsellor, believes that creating a safe place that fosters one’s ability to speak about and manage emotional, physical, and mental challenges is imperative in creating a better, interconnected tomorrow. The Step-In Initiative is part of the answer.

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