How it Works

Choose from 5 module topics. Each module is a 3-hour presentation, mixed with teaching, activity, and conversation. It will be tailored to your group (school, business, church, non-profit).

If you need a venue we can also provide this along with a meal for your group.

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The Step-In Initiative is a partly customizable teaching and retreat program designed for grades 4-12 or anyone interested in learning about that demographic. The modules and activities used by the Step-In Initiative program use therapeutic activity and experiential learning to create a safe place to explore any of our module topics.

A session of hte Step-In Initiative is designed as a one-day program. It consists of two half-day modules made up of any two of the following choices:

  • Social Justice Module
  • Faith-based Module
  • Identity and Goals Module
  • Communication Module
  • Resilience Module

Each session is approximately 4-5 hours of material.

Each module can be considered a half-day session (or approximately 2-2.5 hours long) complete with adequate breaks to serve the group well.

A full day session would consist of two modules.

We present to a wide range of different groups. The program was originally created with the vision of visiting classes in schools but has since evolved to be adaptable for a greater variety of group types including schools, businesses, churches, non-profits, etc.

An ideal group size would range between 10-40 kids per session. This size allows your group to get involved in and experience the activities and teaching that we offer.

We are also happy to speak at professional development events and conferences.

Yes! The Step-In Initiative’s primary audience is youth in Grade 4-12 as these ages can best grasp and get the most out of the concepts that we discuss during our sessions. The modules that we offer are important for people of all ages to learn about and discuss so we are able to adapt each module for grades 4-12.

We are happy to take suggestions on any specific topics and review our ability to present it in a way that fits the Step-In Initiative program. We cannot make any guarantees, but we are always looking for new and relevant topics that impact our primary audience!

For pricing, please use our quote form at the bottom of this page. If you are in need of funding or subsidy, please reach out to us directly.

The Step-In Initiative was launched in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic and focused primarily on emotional recognition and mental health. We believe that these are highly important topics that continue to impact kids and youth. We have since added additional modules to our program.

We understand the ever-challenging nature of educators, parents, and organizations who work with children and youth and want to continue supporting those who push toward being a part of a solution to a healthier tomorrow for our young generations.

The Step-In Initiative is a traveling program meaning that we can visit you at your location to facilitate the program. We also allow rentals at our camp facilities at Covenant Bay Bible Camp located in Westerose, AB.

The Modules

Theory-Based Approach

Each topic, regardless of age or group, is written and delivered by our passionate and well-versed presenters through the lens and understanding of cognitive, social, and psychosocial development.

These theories, in practice, create the foundation for communication, learning, and emotional safety that is imperative to the fostering of a healthy self and community.

Therapeutic activity is the basis of our approach. This allows the participants to not only understand the concept but experience it in real-time.

Each group receives an individually catered experience based on module choice and group paradigm. Our presenters take time to understand and know each group/ individual to create a unique and personal program.

Meet the Presenters

Cassidy Barg is the head facilitator of the Step-In Initiative. Cassidy has a unique and inherent ability to connect with others. This characteristic consistently encourages every participant to recognize their innate resilience factors.

Bradon Pihowich, writer and Step-In Director is a registered Child and Youth Counsellor, believes that creating a safe place that fosters one’s ability to speak about and manage emotional, physical, and mental challenges is imperative in creating a better, interconnected tomorrow. The Step-In Initiative is part of the answer.

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